Shinobi & Demon [VincentXYuffie] - Oneshot *short*

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Shinobi & Demon [VincentXYuffie] - Oneshot *short*  Empty Shinobi & Demon [VincentXYuffie] - Oneshot *short*

Post by Invité on 19th July 2018, 2:44 am

Themes : Romance-Ecchi
Couple : Yuffie x Vincent Valentine 
Originally written by : My best friend (I just translated her story in English.) 

Disclaimer : Yuffie and Vincent Valentine belong to Square Enix(c) and the story was made up from my best friend's imagination. 

Enjoy ! ♥️ 


After the success of Vincent Valentine saving the whole world from a giant monster made of mako's energy, created by ShinRa's deepground elites, our hero decide to take a break in the city named Kalm, where he already has his own apartment. Yuffie didn't have the opportunity to thank her best friend, decides to go to visit him, hoping he will appreciate some company. She took over an hour to arrive at his place. She rings at his door, hoping he will be glad to see her again after the events. Vincent Valentine opened the door and welcomed her at his place, letting her in. Strangely, his heart was heavy as if he really wanted to tell her something for ages. 

"Take a seat... please... I need to tell you something.." he said with his typical deep cold voice yet it was somewhat reassuring to Yuffie's ears. " You're scaring me, Vinny! Whataya want talk 'bout ? Have I done somethin' stupid..? Oh my! ... " as she kept wondering outloud what she might has done that might Vincent didn't like. During her panic talking ways, she was cut off by a sudden kiss coming from Vincent Valentine, himself. He kissed her with passion. The kiss meant a lot to him, since Yuffie was the only person he could blindly trust, and also, she was the only one who could make his dead heart beat again. 

Yuffie, surprised, stayed quite silent for a moment, which was very rare from a person who is naturally hyperactive and talkative. Vincent stared at her with his pure crimson eyes, waiting for her response to his sentiments. "Do you feel the same way, Yuffie?" he asked with a satisfying smile. She nods as for a positive answer, yet she was afraid to make the first step with him, as far as she was longing for him for so long. Vincent understood Yuffie's fear and starts by giving her a tender hug, then begins to lean her on the sofa. Yuffie finds herself below the man she loved from the first sight. " I promise you, I will be gentle, my favorite shinobi. " he said with a reassuring tone in his deep cold voice. " I promise to cherish you until my heart dies, my demon " she answered him with pure honesty.

To her words, Vincent shows a true smile, then he starts to please her. He starts by undressing her slowly while reassuring her still. He covers her body with multiple sweet kisses while caressing her body with gentleness. Yuffie starts feeling a true pleasure, the true love. Vincent was making sure she would appreciate the intimate moment to its fullest as well as he would. Both of them start letting go to the lust. The two bodies make war, letting themselves haunted by pleasures and sensual moans and this lasts for more than an hour or two. After their intimate reunion, they both finally rest for the night.

Days are passing by, and the love between Vincent and Yuffie only grows stronger than any loves on Gaia. 




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