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Uncommon Love - ZiraXShenzi - Fanfiction (oneshot) Empty Uncommon Love - ZiraXShenzi - Fanfiction (oneshot)

Post by Invité on 31st May 2018, 2:01 pm

Pairing : Zira x Shenzi | Themes : Lesbian Romance-Uplifting-AlternateUniverse 

Disclaimers : Zira and Shenzi belongs to Disney. I only imagined the story between these two baddies

After the defeat of Zira, the Pridelands finally is in peace and could learn of their differences but also the one thing that unite them. A few months later, in the Outlands, only one rogue lioness lived, or more commonly survived her demise. Yes, it was Zira.
Zira always was angry against Simba and the fact he still reign because he didn’t understand Scar’s ways. But feeling all alone, knowing her own children abandonned her for Simba, she somehow realised her own way, she was insane, she remembered her last words to Vitani, in her want for vengeance, she was ready to sacrifice her daughter’s life. She felt so horrible, and her heart simply broke just by the thought. A little far away in the outlands, lived also a survivor of Simba’s salvation, the lead female hyena, Shenzi, she was wandering in the outlands all alone for the first time ever, her old friends died in the fire, but only her could escape the wild fire. She felt lonely, broken, and slightly depressed but never gave up on life either.

On her way, Shenzi arrived in the old deserted place Zira lived and still living in, and she saw her, layed down the ground, as if she was waiting for her death to come. Shenzi ran to her to see if the lioness was alright.

“ hey.. are you okay ?” was all she could tell, waiting for an answer by the lioness.

“ I could have been better... who... oh my.. are you the former sidekick of my beloved deceased King ?” answered Zira, surprised to see an hyena she used to remember but couldn’t put a name on her yet.

“ I was, until he betrayed me... anyway, I’m Shenzi, and I suppose you are Zira, am I right?”

Zira, even more surprised of the fact an hyena remembered her name, she simply nods as for a response. Both of them discussed for the whole days that follows her honest first meeting. They both realised they had a few things in common, that they’re together different but at the same time, the same. Zira finally started to live again, thanks to Shenzi and her courageousness. Months passed, and both discovered they share more than friendship, but they believe it was wrong at first. Sadly, their passion for each other, the lust of love, the need for being together was stronger than they could imagine. They both believe in their love, that nobody else can destroy it, Zira even started to forget about her past love for Scar. Shenzi is finally happy, assuming perfectly her romance with her lover. They both promised to each other that no matter what, their love will remain.


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