"When the darkness comes" (Kuja X Reader) Oneshot

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"When the darkness comes" (Kuja X Reader) Oneshot Empty "When the darkness comes" (Kuja X Reader) Oneshot

Post by Invité on 30th May 2018, 10:11 pm

Pairing : Kuja x Reader / Theme : Romance-ecchi / Category : Oneshot

My reason to write this fanfiction ? Kuja doesn't have enough love and deserves to be known as a sensitive anti-hero, not the villain's side he uses as a facette. 

Disclaimers: Kuja belongs to Final Fantasy 9, by Square Enix and the reader belongs to you, hopefully it does. 

"He never knew love, he only knows destruction and war...then why do I love him so much?" I thought, alone in my bedroom that Kuja kindly offered me for a few nights, in his beautiful and giant palace. Kuja enters in my room, looking at me from the top to the bottom and asks "My lady (y/n), would you accept a date with me tonight, in this very place ?" On what, I have replied him with a timid voice and lightly blushing : "Yes, just give me some time to be rightfully dressed for the occasion and I will join you!" 

Kuja went to the living room, where he puts a lot of efforts to make sure the vibe is romantic enough for us, while waiting for me. When I finally arrived, I was quite surprised by how beautifully he makes the livingroom in a romantic themes. I didn't know he could do such things. People usually see him as a sadistic laboratory made creature who has taste for war's stuff only. Maybe making this kind of occasion is his way to thank people for being accepting towards him... that must be hard because only Zidane and myself know the true self of Kuja behind his villainy manners. 

Kuja looks at me with a different look, yet it was a respectful look and says "You look gorgeous in that dress, my lady". To his words, my cheeks became a lot more red but I gave him a gentle smile, accepting his compliment. Without I could even notice, he appeared closer to me magically, he lost his eyes into mine, leaning even closer until he gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. It wasn't violent, nor forced, it really was a passionnate kiss. The desire growing, he takes me in his arms, to make sure I will not run away from him and put me down the dinner's table, putting himself above me.

Kuja smiles to reassure me, yet I could still see his desire to make myself his, he whispers to my left ear "Do you accept to become the wife to a monster like I am?" and I answered him with pure honesty "You are not a monster to me, Kuja". Hearing these words, Kuja didn't hesitate to go wild without hurting me while we were doing it for the following hours. I desired him for so long, he desired me as well. It's all we ever wanted, we wanted us to be happy in our life of society's outcasts.

If you want more fanfictions, you're free to tell me so! I used to write lots of oneshot stories, so be tolerant, thanks♥️

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