Solstice Contest 2017 [NEW]

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Solstice Contest 2017 [NEW] Empty Solstice Contest 2017 [NEW]

Post by Sing4777 on 31st October 2017, 12:49 am

Hello you guys, my name is Sing4777, the founder of Requiemstudio and the host to a new contest named Solstice CON.
I'm having trouble getting people to compete in it since it's new. I was hoping maybe, you guys could help me and post it around and only if you want, even compete? I will give a DL and the original video here. But first I will give a brief description on the contest; This contest is based on all types of fan-made videos; Live-action, anime, video games, ect. Judges focus on the inspiration level in a video rather than focusing on their favorite editors.

Please share around! Lot's of love to you guys! wave

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