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Post by HJAZisRikku on 9th June 2016, 11:39 am

Hey guys~

It's been a while... I hope some of you remember but all you new editors probably don't even know an old bird like me :P

I'm HJAZisRikku and used to edit a lot on youtube with FF, nowadays I work on my own shorts film and as a scriptwriter and video-editor on others.

I'm currently making a short film right now and I require some voice actors as most of my usual actors are away on business right now.

I'm looking for two people:
JOEL (a MAN in his late 20s - any origin)
CASS (a WOMAN in her late 20s - preferably British)

You don't have to be in your late twenties, just capable of sounding like you are haha.

The script is only 5-6 pages so it wouldn't take long to record.
Good recording equipment is a MUST!

The film revolves around a phone conversation between two exes Joel& Cass.
Their conversation is played while their "memories" run on screen of places they visited and stuff they did with really soft focus and colouring.
The "memories" slowly change as they conversations turn - their perception of them no longer the same.

Hope someone can help me out and I hear from you guys soon!

Thanks ♥

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Passionate Editor

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