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Serendipity [Resident Evil; Leon x Claire]  Empty Serendipity [Resident Evil; Leon x Claire]

Post by BlehxIshxMe on 24th February 2011, 5:39 pm

THIS is actually a one-shot booklet that I have been writing since April.
I decided to whore it out.
The initial goal was to write one prompt a day, but that turned into crap. I write whenever I manage to get inspiration., if you want.

Excerpt from latest chapter:
Age Twenty-Six—Age Twenty-Eight;

A bright light shines into her face and she instantly lifts her hand to block out the opposing source, completely blinded by the harsh rain light dancing in her eyes. "Get down," a voice barks at her and she does so, shock settling in her system as—through the twirling black spots in her vision—Leon extends a hand to her, dark circles sitting underneath his eyes.

She finds herself accepting his hand again and again and again. <---If anyone is interested. xD More than half of the time, it's just random crack that I have no explanation for.
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